Terms of Use

General conditions for accessing the site https://leadhunt.one/en.

These conditions of access to the site are a legally binding user agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") between New Solutions LLC and the User registered on the site https://leadhunt.one/en (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"). The site is distributed on the worldwide computer network Internet and includes information, materials and data provided by New Solutions LLC and third parties. The User is an individual registered on the Site, which is one of the parties to this Agreement. The User’s access to the Site (that is, the User entering his username and password into the Site authorization system and the User’s authorized login to the Site) means that the User accepts and undertakes to comply with all the conditions below of this Agreement.

Terms of use of materials posted on the Site.

All information posted on the Site (including articles, texts, photo images, video materials, audio recordings, illustrations, website design, as well as selection, location and systematization) is an object of intellectual property and is protected in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of intellectual property. New Solutions LLC is the owner of exclusive rights to the specified information (except for cases specially noted in the content of the information published on the Site and other conditions of use established in the agreement with the copyright holder) and represents the interests of the authors of materials posted on the Site. It is allowed to quote text materials (literary works) published on the Site, subject to the following conditions:

• citation volume cannot exceed 10% of the total text volume;

• when quoting, it is mandatory to indicate the name of the author of the text, the name "LeadHunt Online Sales Management System" and the hyperlink https://leadhunt.one/en. Any other use of articles, photographs, illustrations and all other materials of the Site without the written permission of New Solutions LLC, including copying (including recording onto storage media), reproduction (including reproduction on Internet sites for any purpose, including reviews), processing, distribution, broadcasting, cable communication for general information, making it publicly available through the Internet, in any other way, is prohibited and entails liability under the laws of the Russian Federation on the protection of Have intellectual property.

The User agrees to use the Site only for purposes that do not contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as the principles of morality, reasonableness and morality. Any materials posted on the Site may be deleted if their content contradicts the editorial policy of the Site or the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The User agrees not to post on the Site in any form and not to send anywhere through / through the Site any materials of the following nature:

• violating the law, containing threats and insults, discrediting other persons, violating citizens' rights to privacy or public order, which are obscene, insulting, violating generally accepted rules of good form;

• violating, to one degree or another, the honor and dignity, business reputation, rights and interests of other persons protected by law;

• promoting or containing calls for inciting religious, racial or ethnic hatred, containing attempts to incite hostility or calls for violence;

• containing inaccurate information, or signs of violation of the law under Art. "slander";

• which are advertising in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation of any goods, services, works and / or other products of activity, including advertising materials, commercial offers addressed to an indefinite number of persons, links to the object of advertising and information of an advertising nature;

• protected by intellectual property law (including copyright, trademark law, etc.), and other materials protected by law without proper permission from the owner of the rights to the protected material. At the same time, the burden of proof that the placement of materials on the Site by the User does not violate the copyright, related and other rights of third parties to the posted materials lies with the User.

• other materials that encourage other persons to engage in unlawful behavior that entails criminal, civil and other liability or in any way violates the provisions of the current legislation.

Any actions of the User that, in the opinion of New Solutions LLC, restrict or impede the exercise of the rights of another User with access to the Site, are not allowed.

New Solutions LLC does not return to the User any materials posted by the User on the Site, including in the cases provided for in section 4 of this Agreement.

User Responsibility

In relation to Users who do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, New Solutions LLC reserves the unconditional right to choose measures of influence. Preliminary warnings about violation of the Agreement are not sent to Users. This clause of the Agreement does not mean and cannot be interpreted as imposing on New Solutions LLC the obligation to regularly moderate (control over the content) of materials posted on the Site. The User agrees to indemnify New Solutions LLC, including legal costs arising from the materials of the User, non-compliance with the provisions of this Agreement or violation of the rights of third parties, regardless of whether the User is registered or not. The User is personally responsible for actions when using the Site, including, but not limited to, paying for the cost of access to the Internet during such use.